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Hello Bingham Farms Science Olympiad families,
Here is information that I sent out from LAST YEAR'S event...I'm keeping it here for your reference, and will send it along when it has been updated for the 2017 event (only the date has been updated...).

ARRIVAL - Students need to arrive at 8:15am on Saturday, April 22th.

Opening Ceremonies will begin at 8:30 a.m. in the gym. All schools begin to line-up in the café and lobby area at 8:20 a.m. They will march into the gym and sit for opening ceremonies. I could use a few parents who are planning to stay at West Maple for the Olympiad to assist me in keeping track of kids. Please email me ( if you are willing to help in this way.

We are Teams 5 (odd) and 6 (even). I am attaching the event schedule for the day, as well as our team roster. All 5th graders are on Team 6. We have a lot of 4th graders this year so we have 4th graders on team 5 (it’s all 4th graders) and some on Team 6 as well. Kids will compete in the odd event time if they are on Team 5, and in the even event time if they are on Team 6. This will make sense when you see the attached schedule!

BREAKFAST - The Barnes Family will be coordinating a continental breakfast for our Bingham Farms Science Olympiad students (thank you!). There will also be breakfast items for purchase available at West Maple (coffee, bagels, doughnuts, muffins). This will be setup in the café from 8:00- 10:30 a.m. All proceeds benefit the West Maple Scholarship fund for senior students at the high schools. (price range - $1.00 - $2.00)

LUNCH - The (Guy) Miller Family will be coordinating and providing lunch for our Bingham Farms Science Olympiad students (thank you!). There are also Restaurants in walking distance from West Maple - Subway and Toarmina's Pizza (pizza, ribs, calzones, salads, chicken tenders, burgers) - for any parents that might need something. Their store number is 248-885-0800 or online at They deliver also.

Home Base: We will have 2 tables in the cafeteria for our home base. Please have all students meet me at the tables on Saturday morning at 8:15am.


8:30am - Opening Ceremonies

9am-1pm - Competition and open events for students to participate in during the morning.

1pm- Go back to home base and clean up

1:15pm- meet in the gym for Closing Ceremonies and awards.

1:45pm- DONE!!!!!

  • Crash Car Eggspert, Reflection Relay, and Water Rockets -Self-Schedule info/times have not yet been sent out. I will update everyone with those event times when I get them.
  • Crash Car Eggspert will take place in the gym. All eggs, materials needed and a Pine Car racer will be provided for each team.
  • Rock Hound - our team has a chart to bring with them. I will make sure it is packed.
  • Precision Ping Pong Propulsion - I will bring this team's launchers to the competition Check-in will take place after the opening ceremonies.
  • Water Rockets - Team brings their water rocket to the competition, labeled with their team number. Students can just bring their rocket to the launch site (blacktop) at the time of their launch. PLEASE NO PARENT HELP TO GET THE ROCKET PREPARED AT THE LAUNCH SITE.
  • Zowie Estimation - goggles will be provided. No notes will be allowed at this session.
  • Bridging the Gap, A is for Anatomy, Starry Starry Night, Charged Up, Grasp a Graph, Simple Machines, and Reflection Relay - all items needed will be provided.Students do not need to bring anything with them into the event.
  • Weather or Not - Teams bring one 5X8 index cards filed with notes (per team).
  • Wildlife Safari - Teams bring their fish books.
  • Crime Busters - Each team brings their 8 ½ X 11 paper notes and a magnifying glass.
  • Robot Garage –Robot Garage will be here for hands-on demonstrations from 9-1:00 p.m. in the Media Center.
  • Open Events – will take place in our 1st grade wing and courtyard this year. A list of these events will be available at the information desk.
  • Closed Events: Events may be closed for several reasons: due to space, events that have a written test that must be completed and/or the temptations that others may assist team members during the event. Crash Car Eggspert, Precision Ping Pong Propulsion, and Water Rockets are the only events parents/guest can watch.

My phone number for the day of the event: 248-224-5587

I am looking forward to a great day! It is my hope that our young scientists have had fun learning, and they will have LOTS of fun on the day of the event. I have been very impressed with their work leading up to competition. If you get a chance, please give your child’s coaches a HUGE thank you – this great experience could not happen without their dedication, time, and the thought and planning that went into their coaching! THANK YOU to Shelly Gordon (Bridging the Gap), Neeli Andra (Charged Up), Rob DuRoss (Crash Car Eggspert), Jeri McCormick (Crime Busters), Cathy Dinkeloo (Reflection Relay), Matt Heller (Water Rockets), Sarah Sexton (A is for Anatomy), Jen Benavides (Weather or Not), and Briana Dubose (Wildlife Safari). Thanks also to our volunteer judge, Mark Stebbins, and to the Daniels and Miller families for providing food for the kids!
Pam Lucken